• Cory Bolton

    Seasoned Interactive Marketing Professional in Minneapolis, MN I'm a well-rounded business professional with 10 years of online retail experience. I have worked in all types of companies, from the small internet start-up, to the big time corporation. I have a working knowledge of E-Commerce Best Practices, and a passion for all things digital.
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  • About Me

    I am a Minneapolis / St. Paul native with an affinity for technology and music. I am also a major sports and car enthusiast. In my spare time, I enjoy researching financial markets, trading stocks and attending live music shows.

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  • My Resume

    I'm a "jack of all trades" when it comes to interactive marketing, as I've worked in the E-Commerce industry for 10 years. I currently work for Bluestem Brands, as a Manager of the Fingerhut.com Site Operations Team (ranked #60 on the Internet Retailer Top 500 List). Read More
  • My Portfolio

    I have worked on over 20 websites in the past 10 years. Please take a look at my large portfolio of previous clients, with general information and a screenshot of each project.

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  • What I Stand For

    Creative Thought
    Functional Excellence
    Entrepreneurial Spirit

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What Colleagues Say About Me

It was a great pleasure to work with Cory at Bluestem Brands. He has great attention to detail and is very good at keeping time sensitive tasks on schedule. Cory often put in extra time and effort to make sure there were no loose ends or errors on new site features and was a well-liked and respected co-worker. - Ryan W. (worked directly with Cory at Bluestem Brands)

In my experience, Cory is one of the best website & interactive analysts I have worked with. He has demonstrated that he can look beyond daily tasks to see and affect a larger picture, through strategy, planning and process. He is someone who consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of him. I have never seen Cory miss a beat. Having worked in a position alongside him at a previous company, I was so impressed by his work that I strongly recommended him for a position at Bluestem Brands, and I would not hesitate to recommend him again. - Brian G. (worked directly with Cory at Bluestem Brands and Northwest Airlines)

Cory was a valued member of our marketing staff at Our World Shops. He has a thorough understanding of online marketing and was instrumental in growing our e-commerce business. Cory is trustworthy and a very hard worker. I can recommend him to future employers without reservation. - Ben H. (managed Cory at Our World Shops)

Cory is easy to work with, dependable, diligent, resourceful and respected among his co-workers. It was a pleasure having Cory on my team. - Chad T. (managed Cory at Our World Shops)

Cory joined the team at Carlson and was able to jump in and add value right away for our client team. He was a willing, hard worker in a new and evolving role. He was nimble and up to the challenge at every turn. Cory was eventually hired to work full time by our client team which was a testament to his efforts. - Bob H. (managed Cory at Carlson Marketing Worldwide)

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